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There are few things more important or more central to the BPM World than desire. Awakened through an experience with architecture, beauty and design, it is desire that BPM seeks to stimulate at the highest level.

Through an engagement with our brand and the signature experiences that BPM brings to life, it is desire that allows our residents to overcome the constraints and limitations of every day life and enter the realms of emotion, aesthetics, hedonism and the sacred. Over the past six months much work has been invested into the amplification of BPM’s luxury credentials and the rendering of the BPM World visible to our clients. But what underpins the BPM World and what are the ingredients that make it such a potent, rich and sensory world for our clients to engage with?

Located beyond the confines of quality, the BPM World is distinguished by a commitment to emotion.

Delivered through each of our signature experiences and products, the BPM brand seeks to create compelling and emotionally engaging experiences for our clients. For it is within these realms of emotion that our residents are free to liberate their dreams. Supporting this belief, every facet of the BPM World has been carefully considered and curated in order to create a lasting memory of unparalleled attention, excellence and uniqueness – from the first encounter with our brand through to the purchase and interaction with each of our signature experiences.

As a tangible expression of this ethos, our residents will soon benefit from BPM’s expansion into hospitality. The investment into signature hotel, coffee and champagne offerings will further amplify the BPM experience across multiple touch points and ensure that the BPM World is more visible than ever before.

The most imminent addition to our world will be the BPM café, which, for residents will serve as a nexus of social interaction and engagement. For customers, each café will deliver a tangle expression of our interests in art, design, literature and music – coupled of course with outstanding food and coffee. Complimenting the rich architectural narratives found within each of our buildings, each café will provide a unique theatre of experience for residents and guests and add to a rich and sensorial living experience that has now become synonymous with the BPM brand. Attention to detail and a curatorial eye are fundamental elements within the BPM World and indeed each of the BPM Cafés, for each will come from a place of genuine artistic sentiment in order to create lasting value and meaning for residents and guests.

If, as some say, art is humans doing their best, then the BPM World seeks to represent the very best of human endeavour. A world steeped in quality, beauty and the exotic and a place where being extraordinary is about being unique, without comparison or equal.