From objects of desire to extraordinary experiences

Building the BPM brand world.

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From objects of desire to extraordinary experiences

Building the BPM brand world

The world of luxury has changed dramatically over the past decade, as has the Australian property landscape. It seems that every new property continues to promise a ‘designer life’ of ‘luxe’ with the commensurate location and amenities. But how accurate is this promise in a competitive market and what are the long term impacts for both the consumer and developer? With the proliferation and saturation of luxury messaging, it is becoming harder for buyers to distinguish property that will maintain lasting value, deliver upon the luxury lifestyle promise and which doesn’t have an inherent use by date. Furthermore, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish the unique value proposition from one developer to the next.

With an increasing demand from purchasers wanting to buy into an affordable luxury experience, we have witnessed many developers augment their products and services to respond to the demand. Those with little luxury credentials over-reach, while those with real luxury credentials compromise their product in order to gain a share of the growing middle market. Often referred to as ‘the democratisation of luxury’, many of these leading proponents would now attest that those who lost sight of what made them unique and failed to understand that which created long term value for their brand, also lost sight of the dreams and desires of their customers.

Following a significant review of our business and brand strategies, we decided that BPM’s growth would largely depend on the expansion into medium density and tower developments coupled with the need to boldly amplify our luxury credentials. By transposing our signature design aesthetic onto our heritage of refinement and uncompromising commitment to quality, we have been able to successfully deliver upon our vision to develop and build truly iconic properties. This is perhaps best exemplified in our most recent development Shadow Play – a $300m, 494 apartment residential tower that is the realisation of my long term dream to have an architectural impact on the skyline of Melbourne. Captivating and majestic from every perspective, Shadow Play’s seductive facade not only reflects the sentiment and energy of an incredible city, but the ambitions and vision of our business.

The purchase of a BPM property such as Shadow Play is now only the starting point of an extraordinary lifelong engagement with the BPM world. A world underpinned by objects of desire and extraordinary experiences.

Shadow Play will be one of the tallest developments to be constructed under the current planning scheme, reaching a height of approximately 155m over 46 levels. With the property already 60% sold, the market is not only endorsing Shadow Play’s credentials but our vision to connect and influence a specific strata of purchaser.

Historically, the luxury property purchasing experience only ever addressed the consumer touch points leading to purchase, with the ultimate goal being to sell a product. By acknowledging the changing attitudes of our clients and their desire for self-fulfilment, the BPM customer journey has now expanded to be far more curated and far more enduring than ever before. The purchase of a BPM property such as Shadow Play is now only the starting point of an extraordinary lifelong engagement with the BPM world. A world underpinned by objects of desire and extraordinary experiences. This approach now drives how we act as a business, how we develop and build and what we demand of ourselves and others.

BPM is energised and excited by the dynamism embodied in the major urban centres around the world such as London, New York and LA. Cities where the benchmark for elegance, sophistication and intelligent design and architecture matches our own. In the coming months, BPM, along with our incredible project partners, will focus on expanding BPM's global footprint in order to create a truly iconic international footprint while distilling many of the international luxury benchmarks back into our local projects. An approach that requires our project teams to acknowledge and support our brand’s unique culture, vision and philosophy.

We will also continue to strengthen BPM’s position through an investment into the launch of several new signature products and branded experiences that complement our core property development credentials, including the launch of a luxury hotel offering, branded cafés and champagne bars. These assets will not only provide additional services and amenities to each of our properties but will augment our business and create a truly unique lifestyle brand.

We are driven by the belief that our customers will be attracted to buy, live and invest into a BPM property – indeed into the BPM world – because of these credentials. Supporting this culture, our brand will continue to represent everything that we stand for and strive to consistently deliver. We look forward to sharing this highly sensory and curated experience with our clients, investors and residents and believe that it will not only fulfil their aspirations for a life desired, but continue to add significant value to their engagement with our business.

As BPM continues to evolve into a truly iconic and progressive business, our brand will respond equally. Not only will we create lasting value through a continued emphasis on design and architecture within each of our products, but we will continue to ensure that the nexus between brand, business, client and luxury remains congruent, distinct from our competitors and in keeping with our promise.

Jonathan Hallinan
Founder and Managing Director