An Artistic Alliance



Since 1995, BPM has been committed to evolving the character and legacies of the cities in which it develops. Jonathan Hallinan, founder and managing director of BPM, has cultivated his passion in the arts by balancing design, indulgence and elegance in equipoise.

As BPM treads into more visceral realms of luxury, it will be partnering with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to promote programs in contemporary art, architecture and design. The three-year partnership will include the Gallery’s Summer Architecture Series, which will offer BPM members the chance to be immersed in iconic sensory experiences.

The NGV, the oldest public art museum in Australia, was founded in 1861 to bring international art, both historic and contemporary, to our shores. The Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture has recently conspired to bring that creative verve outside to a broader audience at the NGV Garden. The inaugural Summer Architecture Series commission was given in 2015 to John Wardle Architects, whose fulgent wave of steel, timber and 1350 hand-folded polypropylene blooms will be exhibited until May 2016.

BPM and the NGV both subscribe to the values of soaring creativity, and this annual commission will invite emerging and established architects to enter a competition to have their structures displayed over the summer, housing an engaging program of outdoor screenings, performances and events. The alliance will enable BPM to engage with the NGV’s supreme patronage of three million annual visitors: passionate, urbane audiences who gravitate toward art, fashion and design realms to hone their experiences firsthand.

In a continuing mission to promote the power of contemporary art and design, Mr Hallinan will be participating in an industry panel event within the John Wardle structure in February 2016. Other notable figures in the art and design world will convene for this intimate Q&A to discuss the topic: “Design Capital – brands embedding design so successfully that they gain a unique commercial and cultural edge”. BPM members should watch this space for more information on the panel event. 

BPM members can learn more about the
commission and the line up of events at the NGV by visiting: