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It is no secret that the most iconic luxury brands in the world explore and function at the nexus of art, design, fashion, architecture and culture. For it is within their ability to constantly inquire, differentiate and create that allows each to distinguish their vision and establish desire for their respective products and services.

Over the past 20 years this ethos has been central to the culture of BPM. It has influenced how we develop and build on behalf of our community and culture and how we invest – both commercially and intellectually – into the projects that we bring to life. In choosing to work with partners at the forefront of global design, culture and art, each BPM project responds to more than the constraints of place and environment in order to create a highly sensory, engaging and memorable experience underpinning by desire.

Over the past few years I have seen many traditional marketing strategies, such as artificial celebrity endorsement or hollow commercial partnerships be employed by our competitors in the interest of short term media exposure and market cut-through. Many of them have achieved great short term results, but how enduring are these partnerships in building authentic and meaningful relationships with property purchasers and to what end of these activities truly engage and inspired purchasers at an emotional and intellectual level? It would appear that genuine engagement is indeed a rare and coveted thing.

Property purchasers are now more active in the luxury space then ever before – seeking the niche, the new and the next. They want to share their knowledge with peers and engage with brands and properties that truly reflect their own genuine attachment with design, culture and architecture.

BPM understands that as a brand, we must continue to deliver a far more intelligent form of social and cultural engagement that is differentiated, far more considered and far rewarding than the marketing tactics and initiatives of our competitors. We must provide authentic exchanges that stimulate our clients dreams and reward their intellect.

In order to deliver on this promise, BPM has established of range of signature experiences and platforms that provide access to our world. Platforms such as the BPM Paper not only capture the perspectives, insights and dialogue from those redefining our engagement with luxury, but celebrate BPM’s role at the nexus of creativity, art and commerce. As BPM seeks to amplify our collaborations and celebrate our strategic partnerships with some of the worlds most engaging architects, artists and designers, it seems fitting for us to be able to bring this culture to life in such a potent and engaging way.

As one of our valued clients or partners you may be asking yourself why BPM would undertake such an ambitious publishing venture. For me, one of the great virtues of art is that it enables us to see the world differently while affording us the freedom to explore the intersections of our senses, emotions and intellect. The inaugural issue of the BPM Paper explored how the value of artisanship and the hand made continues to shape our understanding of – and engagement with – luxury artefacts and experiences while our second issue will explore the notion of obsession. Two notions that are as familiar to BPM as they are engaging.

Each of the artisans, designer and brands featured within each issue of the BPM Paper are finding success not just through their endeavours but by acknowledging their roles as cultural ambassadors, sensory agents and hubs of knowledge.

Each of the artisans, designer and brands featured within each issue of the BPM Paper are finding success not just through their endeavours but by acknowledging their roles as cultural ambassadors, sensory agents and hubs of knowledge. As a consequence each are forging longer lasting and more meaningful relationships with their patrons and audiences. A notion to which I strongly subscribe and one which BPM strives to fulfil.

I believe that BPM must continuously strive to create and deliver the extraordinary. This of course takes courage, attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Delivering transcendence to our clients through a sense of surprise and joy cannot be found within the confines of a transaction, it must be pursued and embraced through a personal and spontaneous creation of desire and the stimulation of dreams.

Jonathan Hallinan
Founder and Managing Director