Dream of the Night

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
Pablo Picasso

This year, in celebration of nocturnal indulgence and Elegant Hedonism, BPM will release a limited edition bespoke candle called “Dream of the Night” that aims to inspire residents and clients to unclench the strains of daily toil.

Top notes of bergamot, verbena, and pink pepper are light and plangent—as delicate as a bell—to form the initial impressions. These notes are designed to release a fine, earthy freshness that stirs memories: the olfactory equivalent of air amid low, rain-swollen skies. Once these first notes subside, middle notes of violet, nutmeg, black pepper, geranium and rose emerge to form the heart of the fragrance. BPM has incorporated these dense, ambrosial notes as an exotic element to the chorus of scents that quietly sings. As the flame hollows out a pocket of wax, these secondary notes begin to mingle with base notes of vanilla amber, leather and vetiver to create depth and solidity of aroma. Like eyes that adapt to the darkness, the redolence of base notes do not typically emerge until 30 minutes after the candle is lit.

The best time to enjoy “Dream of the Night” is at rest, when the sun has descended, and our senses are exquisitely attuned to darkness—where personal indulgence of candlelight dissolves into communal spirit.